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At Caja Rural Central we have continued, since 1919, a personal and intimate treatment, with whom, generation after generation, have placed their trust in our entity. Today, we are a consolidated and solvent entity directly involved in the social development of the people of our land, our neighbors, with whom we live, we treat by name and we can better understand their needs and those of their projects than anyone else. And every day we grow to do better:

True to the principles of cooperativism, our objective is to give the best response and offer the best service to our partners and clients, current and future, anticipating the future needs of the rural and urban areas in which we are established. This leads us to have a closeness and good relationship to our partners and clients with a clear objective: to show them that Caja Rural Central is their trusted entity and is fully involved in the economic progress of the province of Alicante and the Region of Murcia.

With a clear mission. 
Support and work with the people, companies and institutions that live and carry out their activity in our field of action, satisfying their needs and helping them to progress both economically and culturally and socially.

Entity Data
Caja Rural Central Sociedad Cooperativa de Crédito.
Credit institution subject to the supervision of the Bank of Spain CIF:F03014677
Registered with number 3005 of the Bank of Spain Register of Credit Cooperative Entities.
Registered in the Mercantile Registry of Alicante to page 49 of volume 857, section 4, page nº4, inscription 1.

Registered Office 
Dr José María Sarget, 29. 03300 Orihuela.
Phone Number: 96 674 7800 Fax: 96 530 0975